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We've Got Your Business Covered... Rather UNCovered

Lets face it, snow can have a detrimental impact on your business. If the roads are clear but your lot and sidewalks aren’t, your business will effectively lose money. Smart business owners know that a clean parking lot is not only good for business, but is also much more safe for customers.

Fargo Snow is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So when it snows, we’re there for you. With our state-of -the-art equipment and professional team, we are capable of clearing large lots quickly and efficiently. In addition to snow plowing, we also offer salting and sanding services – especially important for customer safety and reduced business liability.

If your lot has limited space for snow storage(piles), we can also haul the snow offsite to one of our snow dump sites.

Fargo Snow is fully insured, and we have and can add specific customers as “also insured” on our commercial policy. We generally carry a 2mil GL policy, but if your bid specs call for increased coverages we can add to it. Please let us know during the bidding process as this may affect your quote.

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  • Steve, We really appreciate the great job you and your team does of clearing the snow from our lots and sidewalks. We notice every time you are here to clean that you take pride in your work and do a thorough job. Keep Up the excellent work!

    The DFC Consultants Staff

  • I cannot tell you how nice it was to have a service like this done exactly like I expected. Steve delivered big time. It was nice to deal with someone who was confident in what they do and in the advice they give.

    Michael B.

  • Thank you for being so reliable, you guys are just great!

    Julie s.

  • Great! I just wanted to let you know that my parents were very happy with the nice job you did. I appreciate it! Thanks much!


  • I thank you for your service – I am amazed that you get it clean right down to the cement.

    Shirley D

  • I would give this business a 5 star rating. Steve was very thorough, his fee was very acceptable, and he was a pleasant, respectful person to work with! We will not hesitate to call him again.

    Lois N.

  • Thanks Steve Snow removal got completed before I left for work today ! Appreciate it !

    Michelle Martin

  • I just came home and was removing snow when your pick up arrived and cleared it for me! He got out and asked if things were alright and I said yes that I wasn’t expecting them tonight but I wanted to get a head start on it before morning because my daughter had to take the car to college in the morning. He was so nice and such a gentlemen! Again, I wasn’t expecting him to show up tonight but was so happy he did and I got to thank him when he got out to talk to me. Very nice man! Thank you so much!

    Kecia M.

  • We are new customers  of Fargo Snow. What a joy to open the garage door this morning to see we have been the recipients of your service over night. Thanks for who you are and what you do. God Bless!

    James R.

  • Thank you so much for your time and help in getting us set up with Fargo Snow! You were always extremely informative, helpful, and patient, which is greatly appreciated! 

    Tina W.